Landers Philippines

Landers superstore is the newest and for me is the biggest with 8000 square meters,

it offers international grocery from (Food, Home product, Frozen products, wines and beers and many more..) the best thing here is that they have their own fast food inside YES you heard that right Fast food, but the catch is you need to be a member before you can come in, registration is in front of the entrance and will cost you Php 800, please visit their site regarding this matter

This was my first time going around and i am happy with what i saw inside lets go take a look!




Frozen foods from burger patties to ready made meals are all here my favorite here are the sushi678


They also have a lot of imported alcoholic beverages and wine that you can choose, from henessy to Johnny Walker and lots of beer like (Chang, Corona… and many more)



And there’s something for your pets too!


When you are finish with your shopping you may replenish your strength on their food court, your cravings for pizza and chicken will be granted.




Over all i would recommend to do their shopping here the place is huge with alot of things to choose from.

Thanks You!




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