Our adventure in Taiwan has a mix of excitement and also a feeling of coming back home, sharing you my Taiwan experience now! 🙂

NAIA Philippine International Airport

Had a really long day after work and our flights on 10pm 🙂2

The plane is not full… i think this is the last ride to Taiwan today.1

Our journey started last September 26, 2016, we board the last evening flight to Taiwan,
we plan to stay for 4 Days and 3 Nights, we stayed at Mai Nanjing Hotel and the hotel is very affordable, has a nice room and it is near the MRT (A very convenient location)

Get a MRT (Easy Card) for a more convenient ride so that you wont be going to the Kiosk everytime you will ride the MRT

We arrived on time at 12:10am on Taoyuan International Airport, the airport is so Huge  you might get lost a bit but we followed others to the exit.

We took the bus from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei Main Station, once we were there we took a Taxi Cab going to our hotel.
Note: Its Cheaper to get a Bus ride on the airport, it will cost you at around more or less (NTD 150) while the taxi’s on the airport will cost you at around (NTD 1500)

Taoyuan International Airport76

7 eleven here in Taiwan has the best food choices that you could imagine, here’s my midnight snack for the night pudding and triangle rice (dont know what to call it) 🙂

Our Hotel: Mai Nanjing Hotel (Click the link to see the review)
– The hotel has a very pleasant look and their staff are nice and has an average on understanding english but thats not a problem, the hotel room is big and spacious and it has a window! 🙂 you may choose to have an Unlimited Breakfast or not, for me i recommend to eat outside 🙂

Here’s our room for the next 4 days! 🙂1110Time Check 2am in the morning, checking stuffs before going to sleep Goodnight! 🙂

Day 1: (Not a good day to start)
The typhoon is just around the corner in Taiwan on this day, winds and rain are raging hard,
we tried to visit other places like Taipei underground mall but everything is closed and they dont have work or schools this day, luckily we forced our way to Ximending and we had our lunch on a Hotpot Buffet “Mala Hotpot”

Time Check: 9:00am, we had our breakfast at the hotel and we are not satisfied of what we ate so we go to 7-Eleven to get some pudding and Tea Eggs
Goodmorning to 7-Eleven!



it was raining hard this morning so we decided to walk a little around the city.


Lunch Time!: 12:30pm
Mala Hotpot:

– Mala Hotpot has a lot of vegetable choices and Fishballs and cheese balls they also have a wide range of beef choices and they have a Haagen-Dazs for dessert and its Unlimited! 🙂

Price range differs depending on the time you eat the cheapest is the lunch time.
and there’s a time limit more or less 2hrs

Lunch: NT 498 (11:30am – 16:00pm)
Dinner: NT 598 (16:00pm-4:00am)
Weekends and Holidays: NT 598
Children 50% OFF




After eating our lunch we tried to go around Ximending but saw only a few shops open.
After hope is lost we returned to our hotel to rest and at dinner time we ate at Sukiya songjiang Nanjing branch this one is jsut a few blocks away from us.

Their curry rice are the best and its cheap got my curry rice for NT 120 Only.111

Day 2:
The typhoon just went away,

Elephant Mountain (Here you will see a breathe taking view of Taipei and Taipei 101)
we went to the Elephant Mountain mind you that you will need your rubber shoes and comfortable clothes to go up on a mountain, it will get you exchausted but its very rewarding after you are on top but sadly we didnt reach the top we were on the middle part only but the scenery is great.

The Road to Elephant Mountain (Near Xiangshan Station)
Breathe Taking View of Taipei 101 its so high that you can see it literally anywhere.
Bring some water cause when you start your journey upwards i think there are no vendors of anything upstairs.127126

Guide map to the mountain125

This is where we end up (Not on the top of the mountain)124130

in the afternoon we went to Taipei 101 and we will be eating lunch at Din Tai Fung (The lines are a bit long)


Happy tummy.2

Xiaolong bao is the best!3

After eating at Din Tai Fung we went straight ahead at the Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Line to go to SOGO Department store but accidentally we cross this road named “Fuxing South Road” and this is what we encountered!

its like a hidden road with full of stores. Interesting!

The famous Dice Beef10

One unique store we encountered and not in the open road is this Pet Store its located near the end of the street on an alleyway.


and after that we went shrimp fishing! this one is a must try but its a bit scary when you catch a live one 😀
Directions on going there: (you will still need to ride a taxi)
MRT: Shiling Station and take a cab and show them this picture
ADDRESS: No. 471, Section 2, Zhìshàn Rd., Shilin District.

To end the night we went to Shilin Night Market! lots of foods and cool stuffs we encountered.

and by 10pm we decided to go to Ximinding before we end the night.

And that ends Day 2!

Day 3:

Jiu Fen Old Street

Going to Jiu Fen Old Street will kill a bit of your time, it will take almost an hour and 30 minutes to arrive there.

Going there: You need to take the Railway this time you can catch the railway by going to Taipei Main Station and look for this logo of the station and get a ticket going to Ruifang

From Ruifang cross the street to the bus stop and board the Keelung Transit bus towards Jiufen.

Here we go..
Jiufen Old Street EntranceDCIM100GOPROGOPR8776.20160929_101734
This one is unique icecream with peanuts inside 🙂 (Yummy!)20160929_102502
Bubble Tea!

After going to Jiufen old street we decided to go back to taipei and roam around a bit in Taipei Underground Mall, seeing this unique mall full of stores entice me to roam around this big mall.

Night market time! We went to

Wufenpu: (This night market is 80% unique clothing stores and 20% Food)

This where you want to go to shop for new and unique clothings, prices are way too cheap to ignore.

Last stop is Raohe Night Market near Wufenpu a few blocks of walk from Wufenpu here you will find almost all kinds of street food you could imagine and also random good stuffs, this is our last night here in Taiwan so we are all out time check past 9pm 🙂

As you can see it is overcrowded on a thursday night 🙂 this is where locals go and hangout.
Stinky Tofu (it taste good but the smell is a bit uncomfortable) 😀 this one is a must try!

Day 4: Last Day 😦

Woke up late ate breakfast near our hotel

after eating breakfast we went back to our hotel to check out and go see Taipei 101 Observatory Deck this is the last stop for our journey here in taiwan.
View from the observatory.

Last meal before going to the airport. Taipei 101 has the best Food Court!

Over all our trip to Taiwan is great i love the Food the place and the culture, 4 days isn’t enough if you want to cover all the places i would recommend a 1 week to 2 weeks of stay. Thank you! 🙂


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