5 Day Itinerary in Incheon, Korea. Day 1

I have never imagine that i will be going here in Korea, i am now one step ahead on completing my travel bucket-list, i don’t really watch Korean Drama or Listen to KPop Music but even if you dont you will still enjoy your trip here, for me i didn’t plan much ahead on my trip here sometimes its better to do it unplanned, one things for sure you will never regret going into this land, lets check it out!

ill be sharing with you my 5 Day itinerary in Incheon, korea (Winter Season)
Hope this will also help you decide on the places that is worth your time.
Note: you need to gear up with your winter clothes as the weather goes down to -8 Degree Celsius.

This is all the apps i used that you might need when coming to Korea.

1) Google Translate
(Needs internet connection – it will translate korean words to english

2) Subway Korea
(it will help you plot out the fastest way to your destined subway station)
3) Seoul Pass – if you want discounts on your tours like (Nami island, Skiing and others) go check this app and book yours ahead to have a discount

So many people will visit Korea this time of the month.

Taking off here we go!

Day 0:
Touch down Korea (the night before day 1)
Its December 21 winter season Ive never imagine that i will witness or even feel the winter season, as you all know I’m living in a tropical country (Philippines) with 2 seasons only,
after we landed we rented a WIFI EGG even though there are alot of FREE wifi in Korea, for me its convenient to have a 1 connection all through out the day rather than searching for wifi from time to time.

you have 2 options on going to the city from the airport.
1. Riding a the BUS 2015 (Bound to Myeongdong or Near Myeongdong)
2. Riding the Train from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station.

i took the bus cause for me its very convenient it will cost you 15,000 Korean won
to buy tickets for the bus ride you need to

We stayed at Seoul Global Hostel
– it is cheap (Depends on the seasons you booked)
– Clean and very accommodating staffs
– They have a good english speaking staffs

Food from GS25 Convenience store (like 7Eleven they are 24hrs open), they have the most unique food choices, you might wanna try visiting it will be worth your time.

DAY 1:
Namdaemun Market
How to get here: Hoehyeon Station Exit 5

Taking the train from Myeongdong, its more affordable to take the train and its more efficient in time, their train stations underground has some mini stores for clothes, food and Kpop Stuffs., i may want to browse their selection as their prices are affordable.

Me waiting for the train.

Namdaemun Market
Here you will find cheap stuffs on (Bags, Shirts, Accessories and etc…) you just need to bargain.
Namdaemun Market at night is crowded compared to morning to mid-day.
and of course there’s alot of food here on the street, a very unique tasty and affordable.

We ate at this restaurant “i dont know what its called because there are no english signages” its on an alleyway near the stalls, you will never miss it as it has a big facade of displays of food.
we took a picture of what we want to eat at their outside displays, you will sometimes encounter a restaurant that has no english menu and you will need to translate those words to have an idea of what kind of food is that.
My first authentic bibimbap “So Delicious”

After eating our brunch and finish our sight seeing and shopping at Namdaemun Market, we head to

Lotte Mart:
How to get here: Seoul Station Exit 1
This supermarket is packed with all of your korean needs, well all i want to buy are the Honey Chips/Almonds and those Yakult Almonds (Buy 1 thank me later)

If you want to buy your groceries and take it home ill be recommending this place, because it is cheap versus the one you will see on small grocery stores.

You will need to pay 100 Korean won for the rental of push cart

TIP: Here is my tip if you are buying many stuffs, do go buy plastics at the counter,
after you pay your bill you may bring your push carts into one of these counter near the exit, you will never miss it, it will be crowded.

Boxing your groceries (it is FREE)
1) choose the box size you want.
2) Tape your box for security and they have straw strings to tie your box.

Dog Cafe in Myeongdong
We love dogs for us they are a part of our family and this place is a must visit in Myeongdong, Korea. Even is you dont own a Dog you may want to visit because all of their dogs are cute, trained and loving, now face your fears.
20161222_162254How to get here:
Go to Exit 6. Walk straight and turn left and right on a little alleyway,
Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 4.53.46 PM.png
you will see this signage and go to 4th floor.

For you to play with all of the Dogs you must buy 1 Drink and you will have unlimited hours to play with them.

Before the day ends we ate Streetfoods in Myeongdong
Beef with Rice cake + Fish Cake = Yummy 🙂

Day 2: Nami Island + Petite France


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