Day 3 Everland

Day 3
Everland is a beautiful place packed with rides and other amenities that adults and children can enjoy.

The Amusement Park is Huge, it will take up your whole day, i suggest you visit Everland earlier.
We came a bit late cause we took the Train and Bus to be here, we arrived at 11am and stayed till 7pm. There are a lot of things to do here other than those crazy rides,  we booked our tickets to Everland using Seoul Pass cause its much cheaper to reserve tickets.

FOOD: There are a lot of restaurants and food stalls around the whole park and its a bit pricey for me, you may either chose to bring your own food or buy at the park.

How to get here: Source:
By Train + Bus –
By Going to Gangnam station and going to EXIT 10 and walking 300m
Straight and find the BUS Stop that says BUS No. 5002. This will go straight to Everland.
By Train Only –
You need to go to Giheung Station to Jeondae Everland Station (last stop)
on Yongin Ever Line.
By Bus Only –
See the charts below for the time stamps per station.



Everland at night is beautiful20161224_175232

We left Everland by 7pm back in myeongdong by 9pm+ for our dinner we ate at
TwoTwoChicken, this is the only restaurant that is open until midnight,
we were satisfied with our meal.

TwoTwoChicken Location:
it is near Exit 2 and 3

We ordered different flavors of chicken and they are all delicious, its worth it!20161224_231646

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