Mini Egg Puffs – Hong Kong’s #1 Street Food is now in manila

Mini Egg Puffs the store that will bring you Hong Kong’s #1 Street Food
What are these Egg Waffles (Bubble Waffle)?
Basically these are rounded shaped or sphere shaped egg-based waffles these are 1 of the very popular street foods in Hong Kong now they have made it in the

Here they altered a bit of the waffles flavors you may choose the Original, Choco, Green Tea, Strawberry and Coffe Latte.

Where to find?
Mini Egg Puffs is located on Robinsons Magnolia top floor near the salons or beauty hallway.

How to get here?
Train – LRT 2 – Gilmore Station + 15 min Walk
Train and Jeepney – LRT 2 Gilmore Station + Wait for a jeepney going to cubao it will cost you (Php 7.50)

They have very spacious dine-in area.

I got to try Coffee Latte flavor its really really good, its good that their flavoring is not too sweet.

I will definitely comeback again to satisfy my cravings of Egg Waffles.


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