The Best Wonton Parlor in Manila

Lan Zhou La Mien
Offers a Taiwan authentic hand-pulled noodle in Manila.

Lan Zhou La Mien is an authentic Wonton Parlor Restaurant that offers a different kind of Wonton Noodle Soup and other authentic Taiwan delicacies like Cha Ho Fan, Cha Bihon and others.

I personally prefer Beef Wanton Lamien and Steamed Dumplings, the price is quite affordable and very cheap and their servings are a lot for 1 person.

How to get here:

LRT 1+Jeep+Walk: Go down in D Jose Station and walk a bit until you see a Jeepney bound to Divisoria then go down on Masangkay Street then walk straight towards going to ongpin
until you see this signage and you are there.

Here’s a Map of the place: From D.Jose to Lan Zhou La Mien it will take you 20min or less to get there.
Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 10.43.19 AM.jpg

This is where you Dine-in, the place feels a bit old and it looks old but that’s what’s authenticity is you can feel its history.

Here are the link for their full menu Lan Zhou La Mien Menu


I was coming back here 2 or 3x a month just to eat their famous Beef Wonton Lamien.


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