The Canon EOS M10 Review


People travel a lot going to different places and events, in this day and age people tend to use their phones as a way to capture their memories in photos/videos and sharing it to our social media sites, i personally use my phone as a way to capture moments of my travels because it is light and can fit in my pocket but there are times that i wanted to put more quality to my photo’s and to upgrade, nowadays compact camera’s have come a long way on making it smaller, lighter and has the picture quality of a DSLR.

For vloggers and aspiring vloggers that wanted to start a vlog i am sure that the Canon EOS M10 is the best in quality and built and has the affordable camera in the market that has a flip screen or what they call the selfie mode,

Overall everything you need is within the grasp of your hands and a pocket away from your bags when capturing the moments, i truly love Canon EOS M10 for being a portable camera that can be stored in my bag and it packs a punch on capturing smooth and crisp photo’s.

I recently bought the Canon EOS M10 and testing it for about days now, i must say that it has a good quality camera both for picture and video in a little body.

Special Features: it has a dedicated button for wifi transfer on your phone, you dont have to unplug the SD card anymore when transferring images or videos.

Sharing my not so professional shots for you to decide if its worth the buy.
Raw and unedited JPEG files (by the way i only used Auto-mode here no manual settings involved)


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