Qurros Spanish Donuts

The next best thing after eating lots of food is the desert, visiting Qurros for the first time makes me wonder if what they can offer versus their competitors, Ive been to 2 Churros Cafe here in Manila and i can’t deny that their Churros and their dips are good but Qurros has a specialty combining flavored ice creams like ” Matcha, cookies, chocolate, caramel and many more” with Churros, its a bit weird when you say your churros dips in a ice cream but hey it got me wonder.

This is 1 of their locations in manila it is located beside the cinema of Lucky China town 5th floor, the look of their store is pretty cozy and warm.

They have all kinds of different churros, i love the churros dipped with chocolate.
But what i came here for is their Churros in ice cream bringing both worlds in one dessert! i ordered chocolate ice cream with choco crunch churros, the sweetness of the ice cream compensated the churros, they mix well together.

Over all i will still going back here to eat this for dessert, make sure you drink lots of water after. Happy eating 🙂


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