Pho Hoa Vietnamese Food

Everyone wants to eat healthy and delicious food, it is very hard to have a healthy food and be as delicious as their counter parts, Pho Hoa brings healthy Vietnamese food to us here in Manila, they deliver a different kind of healthy food selections to us like their famous noodle soups top with their fresh meat, vegetables and herbs, they also have rice meals and my favorite starter foods is the spring roll.


We ate on the nearest branch that we could find is in Lucky Chinatown mall 3rd floor.
They have a lot of branches here in manila be sure to check them out on where is the nearest to you. Click Here


Healthy and delicious Fresh spring roll will make you crave for more appetizer, its a must order if you are eating here.


This is the first time i ate and tasted a Vietnamese beef noodle soup, it has the right mix of sweet and a bit spicy.


Grilled chicken with spring rolls is got to be the tastiest grilled chicken i have ever tasted with the right mix if Vietnamese rice.


Overall their food is very delicious especially their Noodle Soup, people who are concern with eating healthy has a place here. Happy Eating! 🙂


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