Hot Star – Large Fried Chicken

Everyone loves chicken especially me there are different kinds of chicken across the world and there’s a really really popular chicken restaurant in Asia specifically in Taiwan that is the Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, i know you heard this restaurant way  way months ago.

I first saw this in Hong Kong and my first bite is unforgettable seeing it grow and placed a branch on different parts of Asia including here in the Philippines got me excited.

Their chicken are so crisp and big that you can share it with others.

They have 3 kinds of choices when ordering (Original Junior Chicken) ( Crispy Junior chicken) (Crispy Junior Fish) and yes they have fish for those who don’t want to eat meat and 1 order will cost you Php145 only and they have a 12 inches size of chicken.
Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 2.12.41 PM

After ordering your meal you will have to choose on the flavor of your chicken (Salt & Pepper, Barbeque Sauce, Sweet & Sour, Chili Pepper or Red Hot)


for their menu and location you may visit their website for more details click here
Happy Eating 🙂




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