Nokia 3310 (2017)

There are a lot of phones today in the market all are smartphones capabilities are impossibly advanced, we are closing the gap on computers and cellphones in-terms of office works like Emails, creating documents and others but there are still people who only wants a phone that has alot of battery life and can call and text only.

if you are born in the 90’s you will never miss out on Nokia phones and its very popular that time together with Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and many more but nokia died when smartphones are released, Samsung, Sony and others competed and advanced their units Nokia done the same buy have failed to amaze the market.

The Nokia 3310 will be reviving this year with an upgrade of their old Nokia 3310 it now has colored screen, better battery life, tough as a rock and many more.


Nokia 3310
it has 4 colors available now (Orange, Yellow, Silver and Blue) each one has a distinctive glossy color on their cases and its pretty affordable with a price of Php 2,499 here in the philippines.

2.4-inch Curved screen with polarized layer
16mb internal storage (Expandable via microSD up to 32GB)
2MP rear camera
FM Radio and MP3 Player
Bluetooth 3.0
3.5mm headphone jack
1200mAh battery

cofThe screen display has a good quality and has a very tough battery life that can laat more than a day. what i really love on this phone is how convenient it is to type on its keyboard that is super smooth when you press.

Over all Nokia did a great job reviving the Nokia 3310, its easy to use and its very affordable.


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