Sushi Nori

Rice? who doesn’t want to eat rice meals but what do you think about sushi, sushi is on top of the food list of Japan, sushi evolved so much in different cultures that many people enjoyed on their meals.

Sushi is basically a Japanese dish containing a small balls or rolls of cold cooked rice served with Nori or what we call seaweeds rolled with fish, eggs and depending on your chef they can add a lot of toppings inside a sushi.

Sushi Nori was opened in Manila Philippines and they specialize in serving people good and creative Sushi rolls and Temaki Handrolls (This is what i came for in Sushi Nori)
we tried to order Okonomiyaki and Ninja Temaki Handrolls.
Here is one of their branches in Megamall Philippines.

the price of each Temaki Handroll is very affordable for its delicious taste and quality, here are their menu.

Okonomiyaki Temaki Handroll


Ninja Temaki Hand Rolls



Overall it is very affordable on the budget and their Selection of Sushi’s are wide, they are freshly made so be patient on waiting for your meal.

for more information you can visit their Facebook page Click here


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