Day 2 – Disney Sea + Cheap Ramen

Day 2: Tokyo Disney Sea


Got up early at around 6am to get ready for DISNEY SEA! this is actually my first time in Disney Sea, my only Disney experience is in Hong Kong Disneyland and its a wonderful and happy place and yes its the happiest place on the world where no problems and only fun, excitement and imagination is the only thing you need.

Things to consider before going to Tokyo Disney Sea or Tokyo Disney Land:
– if you’re on a budget don’t forget to buy extra food/Drink as the prices of food inside are a bit expensive (Just stuff it inside your bag, just buy food you can eat while walking so that no one will notice :D)

– if you have a lot of things to bring like umbrellas other stuff the you are bringing for evening tour you can rent a locker ranging price of (400 yen – 1500 yen) depending on the size that you want.


How to get here:
its actually not that complicated to go to Tokyo Disney Sea/ Tokyo Disney Land
– First you need to be in Tokyo Station then transfer to (JR Keiyo Line or JR Musashino Line) and get off at Maihama Station from there you need to follow the arrows going to a different line that is the Tokyo Disney Resort line (but you need to buy new tickets from here)


After riding and getting off at Maihama Station you will immediately be seeing this signs going to the Disney Train line just follow it and it will direct you to the connecting station.


Ticket machines for the Disney Land/Disney Sea Train lines


Prices for Tokyo Disney Sea and Tokyo Disney Land trains.


When you ride the train line to Disney you will almost immediately feel that you are going to a different place and you might need to spend the whole day here to complete and see all the attractions and rides.


Designs are like this because we visited Tokyo Japan on Halloween week its cool!


Once you get off the train going to Tokyo Disney Sea just follow the signages going to the entrance.


Tokyo Disney Sea tickets for a 1 way pass is only 7,400 yen (Php 3336 | $65.5)

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.01.23 AM


Getting around Tokyo Disney Sea, its a huge huge place you may want to start early


Sources: backpackerlee

This will be the first thing you will see when you enter the place, this wonderful magical globe.


Click the panorama for a bigger image 🙂


This band welcomed us on our way in


Mr. Walt Disney



The scenery is beautiful and refreshing to the eyes and by the way thats a man made volcano (Not a real volcano) don’t worry if it spits fire and have smokes.




This is a must ride in Disney Sea “Tower of Terror” if you’re curious on how the ride will be here’s a video from youtube: Tower of Terror


We ate lunch at a restaurant called Cape cod village and surprisingly they have a show while dining in.


The shows language is in japanese but still very fun to see a lively show.oznor

Don’t forget to go to mermaid lagoon to watch the theater this is what it looks like inside but pictures are not allowed here is the only photo i have


Visit their website here: Mermaid Lagoon

Before you go home don’t forget to check out the night parade that starts i think by 7:30pm (Tokyo Disney Sea) its 20min long so you might want to get a good place to watch, the show will be presented in the middle of sea.


And there are fireworks after the show.


There are a lot of things to do here even on a full day you might feel that you didn’t cover all rides and all attractions.

After that night at around 9pm we went back to Shinjuku and our friend from Japan have recommended us a cheap 500 yen ramen shop named Hakata Tenjin Ramen near kabukicho one street cross the Discount store (Don quijote).

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 5.13.29 PM

Their ramen has the best that i ever tasted and here’s a secret you can get a FREE noodles just ask for a noodle refill.


Overall the Tokyo Disney Sea experience is not comparable to what i experienced in Hong kong disney land its a very different one and i must say Tokyo Disney Sea by far the greatest Disney Experience i have been to its a must visit for every one who will go to Japan.

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