Day 5 – Pastries + Akihabara + Piss Alley

dd31 copy.jpgWe are up early and got out by 9am to eat some breakfast and we wanted to try this pastry shop near our Airbnb called Boul’ange and their Breads & Coffee are amazingly delicious and it is cheap and affordable.

How to get here:
It is near Shinjuku Station, here’s a google map link & Photo for your convenience.
Google Map Link: Click here Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 1.58.55 PM.png

whenever you have time even if its not breakfast this pastry shop is a must visit!



Next stop is Akihabara, this place is the holy grail of every Anime, Tech and video games enthusiast, after going out of the station, turning and getting lost we found a square Enix Cafe near Akihabara Station.


their merchandise is a bit expensive but hey its Square Enix.


There are alot of Gatcha machinese here every street corner you will find one, i found this pretty shady corner with a lot of Gatcha machine and i loved it!


Walking around Akihabara is like a dream come true, if you’ve been playing Akibas trip in Psvita or in Ps4 there’s a setting there of Akihabara and i told my self someday ill be going to this place and… i’m here.


We played a bit of crane machines in Sega!



Got myself a plushies


and that’s about it for Akihabara i felt like i didnt tried to go around much here i just wanted to get a feel of Akihabara, before we go back and eat dinner we tried this pastry shop Pablo.



its really really great seeing a big billboard of an anime, its refreshing to the eyes.


After akihabara we are going to Shinjuku and to walk around and see Piss Alley, Piss Alley is a very very known place for its mini restaurants and bars, many people drink here and its very touristy spot, if your alone drinking and eating you might get a new buddy here just don’t be shy.


Our last stop is this Godzilla head from Shijuku Toho building in Kabukicho, you will never miss this spot as it is a crowd attraction.


After that we are super tired and lazy to eat at any restaurant we head back and bought some of foods in Family Mart and New Days and head back to our Airbnb.

Next –  Day 6: Sushi Bar + Pokemon Center + Yoshinoya/
Back – Day 4: Ameyayokocho + Ueno Zoo + Unicorn Gundam/


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