Day 6 – Sushi Bar + Pokemon Center + Yoshinoya


Its a lazy day on Day 6 for us we just want to chill for today and don’t rush things much, we started our day late today at around 11am we ate brunch at a restaurant near our Airbnb and it that was my first authentic curry meal in japan it tasted so great!23asd

Random store – they have the cuttest little things you can buy and its cheap!


After brunch we went to the biggest Pokemon center in Japan and it was located in Sunshine City, a 12 min walk  from Ikebukoro Station

Sunshine City Official Website

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 3.05.08 PM

Before we got out of Ikebukoro Station we visited a mall that has an entrance in Ikebukoro Station and that is Seibu, this mall offers a wide variety of clothings and Food choices,


Ikebukoro Stationp9913f

Sunshine City is a great mall but what i came here is the largest Pokemon Center in Japan and its here if your in a rush to find the shop you might want to ask around to get there here’s a bit of information before you go.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 3.09.14 PM.png

There are so many stuffs here that you will not see on other stores, for example these collection of plushies! and large collection of card packs.


After buying stuffs we head back to eat at a Sushi Bar (Sushi go round) near Ikebukoro Station its just around the corner, we wanted to try an authentic conveyor belt type of sushi bar it is so affordable that we ate almost all kind of plates.


Chef doesn’t look happy 😀123ff13112454

After that day we visited again Ameyayokocho market to buy some additional gifts to bring home


and after that night we ate at Yoshinoyatti8123123ddsadsue7123213312iue

Small snack while we walk our way home, this is the famous long fries.
600 yen per box of fries33err112ee

Our Day 6 ended in Ameyayocoho for additional shopping and eating at Yoshinoya it was a slow day cause we wanted to refill our energy for the last full day here in Japan.

Next – Day 7 & 8: Meiji Jingu Shrine + Halloween at Shibuya/
Back – Day 5: Pastries + Akihabara + Piss Alley


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