8 Days Itinerary in Tokyo, Japan. Day 1

Japan is one of the many country that is on my bucket list up to this date and i was fortunate enough to be in this trip and i wanted to share it with you all but before we jump into our day to day itinerary i would like to give some tips and notes first before we head straight to the action!

WARNING LONG READ AHEAD ( You may skip to Day 1 just scroll down below of this) 🙂

1) Trains – First of all you need to study their train as they have 14 train lines! YES you heard that right they have the most sophisticated train lines and the best thing about this is that you wont need to ride a cab or bus as the train can get you wherever you want to go specially in Tokyo!
2) Japan Rail Map (ios & Android) – Download this app as it will accompany you and make your train ride easy, this app will tell you where (What number or what line you need to go to) depending on your destination.

3) Japan Connect-free Wi-Fi (ios & Android) – Download this app as it will help you with your FREE Wi-Fi connection all throughout Japan all you need to do is to “Download the app early and Register ahead” it will mostly connect you to a Free Wi-Fi all throughout tokyo.

4) Google Maps – This will be your friend for the rest of you trip here

Thats all the apps you need!

Where to stay?
There’s a discussion whether you will get a Hotel or Air-Bnb? there are Pros and Cons when getting either the 2 but i will recommend getting an Air-Bnb versus a Hotel as it is much cheaper compared to Hotels, Just try to research ahead of time for your Air-Bnb place and to make your trip a bit cheaper try finding one with a Free pocket Wi-fi, our Air-Bnb Provided that to us and its so much convenient for us.

Air-Bnb – if this is your first time on booking an Air-Bnb, don’t worry it is safe to book one specially in Japan, the owner of the house or unit that you will be booking will give you a detailed instruction on how to get there or what station you will need to get off and instructions where to walk, for me the easiest is get the address and use google maps while walking it will be much more convenient and easy to navigate.

How to get there?
There are 3 choices for you to get from Narita International Airport to your Air-Bnb
1) Buses – This is the cheaper route if you are on a tight budget this will cost you only        1,400 Yen (One way) how cheap is that.

2) N’EX Train – This is the more convinient and a little bit more pricey but on a budget and a more faster route, i will give you a little bit of tip, the price of one way of N’EX Train is 3,020 yen (one way) BUT if you book a 2 Way ticket from airport to Tokyo it will only cost you 4,000 yen (Two way trip) “i think thats a but pricey versus the bus but hey whats 1,200 yen and it will be convenient trip and faster”

Check this links for your reference
N’EX Websites: http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/pass/nex_round.html

3) Taxi – if you have a budget and don’t want to hassle on the commute you can take a Cab but mind you it will be pricey.

Note: When you arrive on terminal 2 Narita Airport just go down 1 floor and you will see the ticketing machines or Man Booth for tikets for both Bus or N’EX Train (There will be sign boards all throughout so you will not miss it.

for the N’EX Train tickets for the (Two way only) your ticket going back to Narita Airport Station you need to exhange it on a Booth counter of JR East lines ” Shinjuku | Shibuya”
i dont know if its available on every station for exchange (Please ask the personal on the booth)

Any questions that i can answer you may comment below 🙂 will be happy to answer your questions about my trip 🙂 here we go!

DAY 1 (Tokyo International Airport | Shibuya | Shinjuku)

Philippines (NAIA)
We were lucky enough to have our flight and not cancelled because at that time ” October 22, 2017″ a super storm is near and going to Japan and i am thankful that our flight is safe but had a bit of turbulence on the way.

We arrived at the Airport super early at 11pm and our flight is at 5am, there are times that the airport here in the Manila, Philippines is over crowded and this day is not one of those days but luckly we can access the Sky view lounge where you can get unlimited Free food and a place to relax while you wait for your flight, we stayed there up to 4am of the next day.

Sky view Lounge

Ready to take off!

Tokyo Japan
We arrived at the Narita International Airport at around 10:30am in the Morning, one of the first thing i did was to buy an Onigiri on their convenient store “New Days” one of the top foods i want to eat everyday is Onigiri, Onigiri is basically a Triangled shape rice with seaweed on the outer-part and inside either it has (Chicken, Tuna.. etc) after getting and buying my first breakfast in the airport we went to the ticketing station and got N’EX Train ticket for a (Two way) as it is much cheaper (4,000 yen).

we rode the train for about 45 to 1 hour and arrived in Shinjuku Station where we will be meeting our friend to accompany us

Shinjuku Station

Get your Suica Card and preload it, i loaded it with (4,000 yen) so that you wont be going to the machine everytime you will get on the train to save time and also you may use your Suica Card on purchasing on most of the Convenient stores or other restaurants and Vending Machines.sdr

Had mine customize with my name

Walking around Shinjuku/Tokyo Japan is a breathe of fresh air it is really a different country, all this Booming Ads all are different from what im used to seeing in our country the signages all over the buildings and streets and i love’d it!

We ate on this restaurant called “Tendon Tenya” and their bowl of tempura with other seafoods are very delicious i recommend that you eat here as their quality of food is great and pretty cheap!
Branches: Tendon Tenya Branches


Our Air-Bnb is quite big and has a kitchen, our own washing machine, 2 Beds and you can cook here, after we rested for about 3 hours to revive some strength we rome around a bit in Shibuya at night to eat only.

we tried to eat at a Omurice restaurant called “Pomme’s” its quite expensive but their Omurice is very delicious.

After eating we head home to have some rest as our next is Disney Sea for Day 2 and we will be spending there for the whole day!

Next – Day 2 Disney Sea & Cheap Ramen



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