DAY 3 – Tokyo Station + Takeshita Street + Seafood Izakaya

Tokyo Station has alot to offer not just the public transportation but it is also a shopping center, at around 11am we went out and made our 1st Adventure at Tokyo Station. I’ve heard that Tokyo Station has a underground mall (Yaesu Shopping Mall) is built within Tokyo Station and i think thats really really cool, Japan always amaze me on just a simple things like this one, Japan is a cool place, respectful people but always rushing to go somewhere and i love the feeling of it.

How to  get here:
Tokyo Station – Yaesu Exit

Before we start our day roming around Tokyo Underground mall we got ourselves first some Brunch eating Fresh Onigiri! Freshly made Onigiri and its pretty cheap for just around 200 yen and up depending on the selection you choose.

The one thing i wanted to visit here is the small pokemon center, but you will be surprised on how many stores are here on the underground mall. Yes i became a little kid again because of this store.
Happy kid!

When you get hungry just go up one stairs or go down 1 floor for the resturants, here’s a map of restaurant per floor.

For more information please visit their website: Click Here

Note: before you go shopping all out in Tokyo Station Underground Mall, there is a Tax Free counter on the ground floor when you exceed 5000 yen you will get Tax return on this counter after your purchase.

1) Go to the Tax Free counter Located in Ground floor on the station to avail the Tax Free       Booklet (you will need your passport here to avail)
2) Buy anything you want over or 5000 yen and show your Tax Free booklet.
3) Keep the receipt.
4) After Shopping go to the Tax Free counter again to get a refund of the Tax.

We had our lunch at a restaurant that i forgot the name because its in Japanese and they serve bento type or set meal type of food and its pretty delicious and on the budget.


After that we decided to go to Takeshita Street in Harajuku this is where you go when you want to get new clothes or see new fashion trends, the colorful streets and trendy shops of Takeshita Dori is why it is always jammed packed no matter what time of day you go, this is a must-go when you visit japan lets find out why.





if your planning on buying souvenirs (T-Shirt, Magnets, Bags and other cute stuffs) you may want to purchase it here as Takeshita Street Market has a lot to offer


and there’s a cool graffiti wall for your photo-op cof

At around 8pm we decided to eat here in The Gindaco a Takoyaki place and a must eat in Japan when your around, basically takoyaki is consist of Diced octopus with other inrdient and molded using wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special molded pan.


The Gindaco official website: Click here

after eating we decided to walk around the place randomly going to shibuya and we stumble upon these Mario Kart Drivers!

we got in Shibuya by 9pm and we decided to eat in Isomaru-suisan a Seafood restaurant and it was worth it but a bit pricey for me.

Kansai-Style okonomiyaki
Resturant Details: Click here

if you want to eat here in the exact place here is the Google map address just paste it in google maps and your good to go: Isomaru Suisan, 道玄坂センタービル 2 Chome-29-8 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0043, Japan

Spending the early morning on a quite shopping in Tokyo Station underground Mall and spending the after noon while we have a lot of energy in Takeshita Street, Harajuku and ending our Day 3 here in Shibuya for a nice late dinner at Isomaru Suisan.

Next – Day 4: Ameyayokocho + Ueno Zoo + Unicorn Gundam
Back – Day 2: Disney Sea + Cheap Ramen


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