Day 4 – Ameyayokocho + Ueno Zoo + Gundam


We got up a bit late from what is intended at around 10:30am we got ourselves to the train station to meet a friend who is living in Japan to tour us around Ueno for our shopping day.

Ameya yokocho is one of the shopping spots for people who wants to buy souvenirs and foods, its much cheaper price here versus Takeshita Street but the atmosphere is a bit different in Takeshita Street it is very High fashioned well decorated streets but here in Ameya yokocho its much simplier than that but on peak hours it packs a lot of people so make sure you come here early.

How to get here:
Ueno Station then go to Shinobazu Exit > Cross the street and you wont miss the sign of Ameyayokocho.

You spent hours here as the Ameyayokocho street market is huge


This is the signage im talking about at the entrance

be careful as some of the perfume and cosmetics are fake i think.. (i saw a staff working and polishing a box and re-sealing it)

if ever get hungry you may access some of its parts that is dedicated to foods, we ate at a ramen restaurant and its pretty cheap and delicious, i actually cant get the name as the signage is in Japanese, here in Japan almost all Ramen shops you will be ordering on a machine.

their ramen or almost all ramen shop in Japan are insanely delicious, you will never be wrong eating a ramen.


After this wonderful meal we decided to go to Ueno Zoological Gardens and we just want to see a panda!

How to get here:
1) Find the Park Gate at JR Ueno Station
2) Exit Park Gate and cross the street
3) Turn left at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
4) Walk straight ahead along National Museum of Western Art
5) Walk straight you will see a plaza with abig fountain in the middle and just walk                 straight.

Google Maps:
Click here to open it to Google maps
Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 3.32.41 PM

Here we are at Ueno Zoological Gardens there are a lot to see here.

The panda is looking at me posing for the picture. 🙂
At around 5pm the Ueno Zoo will be closing and we decided to go to Odaiba to see the newly built Unicorn Gundam.

Note: it is best to see it at night or before night time as the Unicorn Gundam is very attractive at night because of its lights.

How to get here:
Tokyo Teleport Station

Unicorn Gundam
we had a bit of a hard time getting some pictures as the rain is too heavy that night.

After taking a few shots with the Gundam we end our day by eating at a Eat All you can Restaurant, the name of the restaurant is Heijouen
Here’s a website for more information Click here


Day 4 was pretty awesome we got home at our Airbnb by 12am a day well spent with shopping, leisure, good food and fun.

Next – Day 5: Pastries + Akihabara + Piss Alley
Back – Day 3: Tokyo Station + Takeshita Street + Seafood Izakaya


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