Day 7 & 8 – Meiji Jingu Shrine + Halloween at Shibuya


Day 7 is our last full and long day as we will be attending the yearly Halloween Party at the whole Shibuya area and i heard that it is a wild party there a lot of cosplayers and almost no one will be there without costume so we decided to buy some.

At around 10am we went to Harajuku Meiji Jingu Shrine, our first temple since we visited Japan.

Look at that

There’s a wedding going on while we are visiting this place.

we end eating a bit of Okonomiyaki, this is the best place to eat and its so refreshing to see some nature.

at around past 12pm we decided to go and roam around harajuku and walk a different street from usual this street when walked straight you will eventually end up in Shibuya and there are alot of stores here to be seen.

after walking we head back to our Airbnb to prepare for the Halloween event in Shibuya, i will be dressing as a Vampire, there are a lot and i mean huge amount of people will go in this event.

Look at that amount of people that will attend the halloween celebration.

The streets are all jam-packed with lots of people in costume, it doesnt need to be a horror costume you may dress or cosplay an anime.

We went home to our Airbnb at around 1am and slept all they way until it is lunch time the next day.

Day 8: it will be a super slow day and will be our last day here in Japan so we need to make the most out of the time, we went to Shin Okubo (Korean Town) to eat in an Authentic Korean Samgeopsal and at around 3pm we head back to our Airbnb to prepare and go to the airport and that’s it.


Hope i helped you a bit with my itinerary in Tokyo Japan feel free to comment and ask any questions or message me on my email or in my instagram.

Thank you!

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