Proton wireless earphones


Earphones/headsets are always an essential to our daily lives, i myself can’t get out of the house without my earphones or bluetooth headsets i think maybe it lessens the boredom of the commute and it heightens up my mood and gets me going through the day, seeing all the choices when buying an earphones makes me wonder what is the best and affordable thing i can buy, i wanted a wireless one so i bought myself a Xiaomi Mi wireless but the problem is it has a wire in both earphones connecting and then apple releases its EarPods but im using an android phone and its pretty expensive and i stumble upon this earbuds from kimstore and i have to try it and pretty its cheap!

Proton wireless earphones offers a different kind of wireless they call this one (True wireless) meaning you can listen to music with both ears without any wires! yes you heard that right “no wires” “music in both ears” and yes this is not the first one in the market, Sony, Jabra and other kinds of brands have been outing this kind of earphones in the market but what is truly catching to our eyes is the price of this one it only cost at around Php 1,280 from kimstore, they offered a 72% off from the original price other brands like sony and jabra has a price of Php 9,000++ or even more.
Click here for the link to order



cofThe package comes with:
– 2x wireless earbuds
– Charging cables
– Extra sleeves for ear (Small and Medium in size)
Note: please open the greenbox inside to see these items
– Good sound quality
– 2 hours battery life
– it has a Cabinet box that can be charge and can store a 3x charge for your earbuds

– if the other pair is misplaced the other one will be disconnected also
– if the Left ear or Right ear is out of range the music will stop
– Receiving a call will only activate on 1 ear (Left side)
– No shortcut keys to volumes
– No shortcut keys to last called number

Overall the sound quality is great and its doing what it does for its price and you can never go wrong with it, now this is my go to earbuds when jogging and commuting.

for more information visit their Facebook Page
if you’re a bit cautious and don’t want deliveries you may visit their stores named “Technopop” for this item.

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