Day 2 in Taipei – Daiso + shin kong mitsukoshi Food Court + Hapet Dog Supplies + Wufenpu Nightmarket

Day 2 in Taipei and we are roaming around on random stores early in the morning, we wanted to visit a night market tonight even if we will be revisiting it again when our friends and the whole squad is complete, mind you Day 1 & 2 is just a filler of what our real itinerary are we visited random stores and shops because we didn’t want to spoil before everyone is here.

We first visited the bank to exchange our money for NT Dollars, i suggest you predict how much you need to spend for the whole trip and exchange your money at the Taipei Airport the exchange rate is better there versus in town.

Line Taxi.

We stumble upon this shop called Thermos i window shop inside, i am a fan of metal liquid containers.
Look at those design..

We visited Daiso of Taipei i’m curious of what’s inside here versus in my country which is the philippines and i am amazed there are alot of pretty cool stuffs here and a more organized store than ours.
I ended up buying things that are not so useful in my daily life but hey they are cute and attractive. 😀

After Daiso we are window shopping every corner of this street as there are tons of mini shops here and when its past lunch time we got hungry and ate at the Food court of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall, the mall is a bit small with a lot of floors that sells clothes, house utensils, toys and many more.
i ended up eating korean food, the food has a good quality felt like the real bibimbap. 🙂

Next we will be going to a Dog Supplies store to buy some food for our puppies 🙂
We are now here at Hapet Dog Supplies store the reviews of this store is pretty good they have a big range of dog foods.

How to get here:
– Daan Station Exit 6
Visit their website for more information Hapet website
Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 4.38.26 PM


Next stop is Wufenpu Night market.

How to get here:
– Take the Green Line going to Songshan and After leaving from Exit 3, walk straight and    continue until you cross Songlong Road.
Google Map link: Click Here
Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 4.41.48 PM

Wufenpu Nightmarket sells almost all for women and it offers a lot and i mean a lot of unique clothes and bags for women and also there’s a small percentage of Men’s clothes here, there are endless alleyways of clothes dedicated for shopping and its a must place to visit whenever you are here.

When you get hungry here you may see food stalls outside or at the end of an alley for a quick snack.
After Wufenpu Night Market we headed back to our Airbnb to meet our newly arrived friends and we need to rest early cause Day 3 itinerary is jam packed.


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