Day 3 – CKSC Memorial + Longshan Temple + Chia Te + Ximending (Bear-1)

We woke up earlier than expected and ready to get on the right track for today, the weather is pretty nice a bit warm and the wind is a bit chilly, our first stop is going to  Chang Kai Shek Memorial its a very touristy spot so if you want to get your photo’s nicely and get away with the crowd you may need to be there extra early.

CKS Memorial is a tribute to Chang Kai-Shek the founder of Taiwan.

How to get here:
Take Red Line or Green Line to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (Exit 5)
Hours of operation:
8:00am to 6:00pm
and dont forget to bring your empty bottles of water if you need to by hydrated and don’t worry the public water here in Taiwan is 100% clean and purified.
Upon exit take a right turn until you see a vast land filled with traditional houses.


This is where Chang Kai-Shek’s statue is located its in the middle everything.

There are exchanging of guards every hour so be sure to make your visit timely as the main attraction is the changing of guards.

After Chang Kai-Shek memorial next stop is Longshan temple, out of the many temples here in Taipei this one is the most visited by all of the tourist and it is rated as the most beautiful temple here in Taipei.

Longshan Temple
How to get here:
Take the Blue Line to Longshan Temple (龍山寺), the temple is located just north of the station plaza, Exit 1.

The Temple’s structure what strikes me the most, be sure to visit early as people will be coming from around the place to visit, its almost jammed packed with people at past lunch time.

After visit Longshan Temple i searched around earlier on where to have lunch and i stumble upon this restaurant Si Fang a Jiu Minced Pork Rice and their meals are cheap and delicious.

How to get here:
Turn right after exiting Longshan Temple
Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 10.52.16 AM.png

It is usally jammed packed with locals on busy hours.

As expected the restaurant is full and we are placed outside with a folding table and plastic chairs but hey its alright at least you can eat authentic food + will be eating like a local here in Taipei.

As usual i ordered a beef noodle soup.

Others tried the minced beef rice meal.

After eating alot of food we decided to go to this place called “Chia Te” they are selling the best Pinapple cake in Taipei and other breads too.

How to get here:
Ride the MRT to: Nanjing Sanmin | Exit #2
After going out to Exit #2 walk straight until you find Chia Te on your left side.
Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 10.32.46 AM.png

There are alot of people when we got there, everyone buys a lot of boxes for them to take home, so whats the difference of their pineapple cakes to others? well ive eaten alot of pinapple cakes from the past this one is different, the texture is different the “Bread like” outside core of it feels like melting on your mouth.


Pretty crowded be sure to come early if you don’t want to fall in line outside

Opened mine cant wait to take a bite! cause the inside store smells good.

After a lot of debating on where to eat we decided to eat at a eat all you can yakiniku in Ximending, as you all notice we keep coming back at Ximending because all of these stuff like eat-all-you-can restaurants and other interesting shops are here.

Trains in taiwan gets pretty crowded on a rush hour but its still easy to ride because everyone follows the rules.

So we are here in Bear-1 Unlimited Yakiniku (Ximending Branch)
How to get here:
Ride the MRT to Ximen Station
(follow the map, Bear-1 is on the 2nd floor)
Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 11.12.02 AM.png

We love unlimited restaurants and specialy this one, you can eat unlimited meat, drink beer or milk tea and eat unlimited ice cream (Haagen Dazs and Movenpick)


After eating we left ximending and go home to our Airbnb because next day has a lot things scheduled for us to do.

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Back > Day 2 – Daiso + shin kong mitsukoshi Food Court + Hapet Dog Supplies + Wufenpu Nightmarket


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