Day 4 – Yehliu Geological Park + Shifen Waterfalls + Shifen (Lantern) + Jiufen Old Street + Shilin Night Market


We are now on Day 4 and this is one of the highlights of our trip, we are going out of the city and going to Yehliu Gelogical Park, Shifen Waterfalls, Shifen Railroad(This is where you will fly a lantern), Jiufen Old Street and Shilin Night market.

We rented a minivan for our tour for the whole day you can check klook or other services that includes these destination or you may try YJS Tour this what we rented.

we started the day with a bigbreakfast and bought a bit of packed food from 7 eleven and by 9am we are bound to Yehliu Geological park as you all know it will take a 45min ride or an hour of ride going there.

Tourist may choose to do this ride or to catch a train going to Shifen and Jiufen see my older blogs if you want to go there using train + Bus.
Click here for my short stay in Taiwan last 2016


Its very convenient if you will get a your own private tour or Bus tour in this area as the palace is from a distant and moving from shifen to jiufen will take an hour or more.

We are now here in Yehliu Geological Park, basically all you can see here are rock formations that is quite unique and photo worthy place but be cautious its a bit hot on summer days and the place dont have much shade to reach to once your in the middle of the park.

The entrance fee is a bit cheaper for Adults it will only cost NT $80


if you’re going on a summer season be sure to pack some water and umbrella it will be hot here on those days.


After Yehliu Geological Park our next destination is Shifen Waterfall, you will just stop in the middle of the road just to see the waterfalls nothing to do here but photo’s

Next stop is Jiufen Old street, make sure to give this place time like 2 hours as the streets inside are long and jammed packed with people.

Old street is a beautiful place filled with food, accesories, stores, mountain views, old structures of taiwan.

How to get here by Bus:
Here is the guide i used on my first time visit here when i took the train+Bus ride to Jiufen: Click here
Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 4.22.41 PM.png

My battery got emptied the next pictures you will see is taken by my phone only.

Lets talk about food here in Jiufen, there are a tons of different kinds of food here in Jiufen like the Peanut Ice Cream, Taiwan Sausage my favorite the Tea Egg.





We ate at a nearby restaurant just to try their local cooking.cof


And i wouldnt leave without buying my all time favorite Bubble Milk Tea that can only be found here in Jiufen, if you want to buy this milk tea you will need to go until the end of the road.sdr

After Jiufen our last stop of the day is Shifen, this is where you will be buying a lantern and write your wishes  and send it flying in the sky.

We arrived at Shifen Pingxi Railway line our last stop on this journey.


Shifen Pingxi Railway


We bought our own sky lantern and wrote down our wishes, before we go home to Taipei, our next stop is Shilin Night Market.

Shilin Night Market is a huge market filled with street foods, stores and shops all around, you will surely spend hours here and it will be packed with lots of locals and tourist alike.


You will never run out of food to eat here as per stall has a different street foods to sell and drinks.cof



In the very far end of the night market there is a temple that is open for public.


and that concludes our day trip and night market for today, we were very tired and got home by around 11pm.

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