Day 5 & 6 – Taipei Zoo + Maokong Gondola + Raohe Night Market + Din Tai fung + Taipei 101

Today will be a chill and relaxing intinerary because Day 4 got our energy drained from all the walking and long tour, we got our of our Airbnb at around 10am and tried to eat in the nearest breakfast restaurant, we searched google and we found this dumpling and noodle shop, a small restaurant that serves food from light to heavy meals the name of the shop is Fu Da San Dong King of Steam Dumplings, we were there at the right time and exactly 11am just as the store opened.

How to get here:
Zhongshan Station Exit 2
Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 2.31.36 PM.png


After eating our meals and got out before 12nn the lines outside were very long.

Our next stop is Taipei Zoo its more than 30min ride on train so be sure to pack some food along the way to Taipei Zoo and if your coming on a mid day be sure you have your umbrellas cause it will be hot.

How to get there:
Ride on the Brown Line and get off at Taipei Zoo Station and follow the signages going to the zoo it will be a 5min walk from the station.

Entrance Fee of the zoo will cost $60 NT
if you think will get hungry in the middle of the walk, you may purchase some food in 7-eleven inside the zoo before setting your adventure inside.

We just wanted to see the panda that’s why we visited the zoo but hey if you want to walk around the zoo it will take you hours to finish because of its large vicinity.

There are a lot of animals to see here.

If you decided to go after lunch you might end up seeing some animals that are sleeping, because its “Siesta Time” after eating. 😀

After we roam a bit we decided that we are going to the gondola, there are 4 stations in this ride but you need to decide where you will be going first, we decided to go to the last station and that is the Maokong Station.

Here are the stations of Gondola and if you take the gondola from Taipei Zoo to Maokon Station it will take you 20min or less.
Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 9.45.05 AM.png
The view from the gondola is amazing, there are 2 types of gondola one is glass floor and one is the regular floor a non see-thru type, the lines for the glass floor is long thats why we took the ordinary one.

Here you will just see the whole taipei on a different level, there are restaurants along the Hi-way and little shops that sells street foods, basically you will just sight seeing things here and embrace the nature.

Got my afternoon coffee fix while watching the view.

The sun is setting as we go down and go back to the ground and our last trip this day is to the night market and that is Raohe Night Market, we will be eating through the night because it will be our last night here in Taipei.

The view i took before we took off maokong Station, you should put gondola ride on your list of activities it should make your day amazing with its breath taking view.

Raohe Night Market
How to get here: Ride the greenline and go down to Songshan station and you will go out on Exit 5.
Opening time: 4pm Onwards

Raohe Night Market have tons of food around its streets be sure to come a bit earlier than 6pm as the volume of people here including locals are eating, my favorite food here is the stinky tofu! it smells super bad but it will grow on you and the taste will be fine after some tries, its like wine it grows in you.

But before you see the arc of Raohe Night market you will be seeing a temple that you can enter.

The entrance of Raohe Night market, it is jammed with alot of people and i must say this is the best food trip night market you will be in.

There a lots of food to choose from and different kinds of shops around this narrow street of Raohe.

A lot of people are going into one direction so make sure your friends of buddies are within your range.

Street foods in the market are very very cheap.IMG_1218IMG_1219IMG_1224IMG_1229IMG_1242IMG_1252IMG_1246

Day 6 – Our last day in Taipei.
We woke up late at around 10am and packed our things and checked out, we are craving for some dimsum and we deciede to eat at Din Tai Fung in Taipei 101 where the biggest branch is make sure to arrive early or you will wait for hours.


we waited for about an hour for our seats.



i recommend you order xiao long bao along with others and beef noodle soup.




cofMy Battery died after eating at lunch at Din Tai Fung, we bought something  at the supermarket inside Taipei 101 and got back at our Airbnb and head to the Airport.

And that ends our Taipei trip, i recommend 10 Days when visiting Taipei as you have lots of things to do, i’m a traveler that don’t want to rush things and savor / feel the place.

Are you ready to visit Taiwan?


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