Premiere The Samgyupsal

sdrKorean Samgyupsal or grilled pork belly is popular here in the Philippines specially the unlimited Samgyupsal, more and more restaurants are popping up because of the demand but like any other brands or restaurants some stores have better quality on them like Premier The Samgyupsal.
Premier The Samgyupsal, I must say is premium and affordable Korean Samgyupsal here in Manila, they serve meats with quality (a really really big slab of meat) and fresh not like other unlimited Samgyupsal that feels like the one you’re eating are sitting in a freezer for a week.

I’ve visited one of their branches in Ermita, Manila to try it out and i highly recommend this restaurant because of its ambiance of a real korean restaurant and they also serve solo meals if you don’t want to eat unlimited but their popular orders are the “Unli Samgyupsal and Unli Mix” that will cost Php 500 on Lunch and Php580 on Dinner and they offer unlimited time of dinning.
Not like other Samgyupsal restaurant they are giving quality meat to cook these includes(Marinated Pork, Woosamgyup, Aged Samgyupsal and others)

All of these side dish are refillable and unlimited too.

Overall we had a great time and upto now we are still coming back to Premiere The Samgyupsal because of their quality meat, clean restaurant, good air conditioning and approachable staffs.

Premiere The Samgyupsal FB page



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