Proton wireless earphones

Earphones/headsets are always an essential to our daily lives, i myself can't get out of the house without my earphones or bluetooth headsets i think maybe it lessens the boredom of the commute and it heightens up my mood and gets me going through the day, seeing all the choices when buying an earphones makes … Continue reading Proton wireless earphones


Anello Backpacks

Backpacks are the most essential carry on's specially when traveling and on the road but what do you consider a good back pack? is it the size of it? the durability? is it fashionable? is it waterproof? the most important thing for me is that i can carry all my gears on my everyday travels … Continue reading Anello Backpacks

The Canon EOS M10 Review

People travel a lot going to different places and events, in this day and age people tend to use their phones as a way to capture their memories in photos/videos and sharing it to our social media sites, i personally use my phone as a way to capture moments of my travels because it is light … Continue reading The Canon EOS M10 Review