Say Chiizu

Cheese and bread made a perfect combination everytime and it is always my favorite, I am in love with cheese from milky type to Brie and many more. Say Chiizu actually originated in Bangkok Thailand not Japan but Bangkok! and its now here in the philippines and this was my first time trying it and … Continue reading Say Chiizu


Premiere The Samgyupsal

Korean Samgyupsal or grilled pork belly is popular here in the Philippines specially the unlimited Samgyupsal, more and more restaurants are popping up because of the demand but like any other brands or restaurants some stores have better quality on them like Premier The Samgyupsal. Premier The Samgyupsal, I must say is premium and affordable … Continue reading Premiere The Samgyupsal

Blue Rocket Cafe + Kitchen

Where do you hangout for a couple shots of coffee? Eat with friends or drink beers with your buddies? all these in one place! Blue Rocket Cafe + Kitchen offers a wide variety of food from pasta to rice chicken meals, from veggies to meats. even if your a coffee drinker they have a place … Continue reading Blue Rocket Cafe + Kitchen

Cafe ilang ilang by The Manila Hotel

Food whats the first thing that comes to your mind? me Seafoods and steaks and all the ice creams i can eat, I've been to many Buffet restaurant here in Manila and they all serve so many kinds of food from different countries like Taiwan, Japan, U.S and Filipino Food and it is great and pretty … Continue reading Cafe ilang ilang by The Manila Hotel

Matgalne Restaurant (Samgyupsal)

Korean food is storming here in the philippines, left and right opening a restaurant even the food courts of malls has a cheap version of it. What is Samgyeopsal, it is basically a Korean meat dish that consist of thick pork strips and that is enjoyed with or without vegetables, it it is usually cooked … Continue reading Matgalne Restaurant (Samgyupsal)

Teppanyaki Brothers

If you're in manila, Philippines and longing for an authentic Japanese Teppanyaki, Teppanyaki Brothers might satisfy your cravings, so what is Teppanyaki? it is a style of Japanese cuisine that cooks or uses iron griddle and in Teppanyaki Brothers they are cooking it in front of you and its fun to see and also a … Continue reading Teppanyaki Brothers

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

Everyone loves ice cream even the ordinary vanilla flavor is good enough for a Dessert! but i really really love the Bubble gum flavored ice cream! i could eat a whole of it! Tokyo Milk Cheese factory sells Ice Cream! it goes with the name "Cow Cow Ice" and has 2 Different flavors (Milk and … Continue reading Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory