8 Days Itinerary in Tokyo, Japan. Day 1

Japan is one of the many country that is on my bucket list up to this date and i was fortunate enough to be in this trip and i wanted to share it with you all but before we jump into our day to day itinerary i would like to give some tips and notes … Continue reading 8 Days Itinerary in Tokyo, Japan. Day 1


Day 5 – Pastries + Akihabara + Piss Alley

We are up early and got out by 9am to eat some breakfast and we wanted to try this pastry shop near our Airbnb called Boul'ange and their Breads & Coffee are amazingly delicious and it is cheap and affordable. How to get here: It is near Shinjuku Station, here's a google map link & … Continue reading Day 5 – Pastries + Akihabara + Piss Alley

Day 6 – Sushi Bar + Pokemon Center + Yoshinoya

Its a lazy day on Day 6 for us we just want to chill for today and don't rush things much, we started our day late today at around 11am we ate brunch at a restaurant near our Airbnb and it that was my first authentic curry meal in japan it tasted so great! Random … Continue reading Day 6 – Sushi Bar + Pokemon Center + Yoshinoya

Teppanyaki Brothers

If you're in manila, Philippines and longing for an authentic Japanese Teppanyaki, Teppanyaki Brothers might satisfy your cravings, so what is Teppanyaki? it is a style of Japanese cuisine that cooks or uses iron griddle and in Teppanyaki Brothers they are cooking it in front of you and its fun to see and also a … Continue reading Teppanyaki Brothers

Day 2 – Disney Sea + Cheap Ramen

Day 2: Tokyo Disney Sea Got up early at around 6am to get ready for DISNEY SEA! this is actually my first time in Disney Sea, my only Disney experience is in Hong Kong Disneyland and its a wonderful and happy place and yes its the happiest place on the world where no problems and … Continue reading Day 2 – Disney Sea + Cheap Ramen

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

Everyone loves ice cream even the ordinary vanilla flavor is good enough for a Dessert! but i really really love the Bubble gum flavored ice cream! i could eat a whole of it! Tokyo Milk Cheese factory sells Ice Cream! it goes with the name "Cow Cow Ice" and has 2 Different flavors (Milk and … Continue reading Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

Grind & Co

We stumble upon another Burger shop here in Quezon City, my friends wants Burgers some wants Wings and i want a little Beer, This restaurant caters everything that we want! Grind & Co. serves its customers an affordable tasty and delicious Burgers, Wings and Nachos, this is not your typical Burger restaurant here in the … Continue reading Grind & Co