Hobing – Bingsu

Everybody loves dessert especially after eating, Hobing brings to us a korean style of ice-shaved dessert called "Bingsu"  or "Shaved Ice", there are lots of form of bingsu from Mango, Chocolate, Red bean, strawberry, Caramel and lots more. The earliest form of Bingsu from Korea only consist of  "Red Bean & Shaved ice" foreign influence … Continue reading Hobing – Bingsu


Day 3 Everland

Day 3 Everland is a beautiful place packed with rides and other amenities that adults and children can enjoy. The Amusement Park is Huge, it will take up your whole day, i suggest you visit Everland earlier. We came a bit late cause we took the Train and Bus to be here, we arrived at … Continue reading Day 3 Everland