Proton wireless earphones

Earphones/headsets are always an essential to our daily lives, i myself can't get out of the house without my earphones or bluetooth headsets i think maybe it lessens the boredom of the commute and it heightens up my mood and gets me going through the day, seeing all the choices when buying an earphones makes … Continue reading Proton wireless earphones


Cafe ilang ilang by The Manila Hotel

Food whats the first thing that comes to your mind? me Seafoods and steaks and all the ice creams i can eat, I've been to many Buffet restaurant here in Manila and they all serve so many kinds of food from different countries like Taiwan, Japan, U.S and Filipino Food and it is great and pretty … Continue reading Cafe ilang ilang by The Manila Hotel

Day 7 & 8 – Meiji Jingu Shrine + Halloween at Shibuya

Day 7 is our last full and long day as we will be attending the yearly Halloween Party at the whole Shibuya area and i heard that it is a wild party there a lot of cosplayers and almost no one will be there without costume so we decided to buy some. At around 10am … Continue reading Day 7 & 8 – Meiji Jingu Shrine + Halloween at Shibuya

Day 4 – Ameyayokocho + Ueno Zoo + Gundam

We got up a bit late from what is intended at around 10:30am we got ourselves to the train station to meet a friend who is living in Japan to tour us around Ueno for our shopping day. Ameya yokocho is one of the shopping spots for people who wants to buy souvenirs and foods, … Continue reading Day 4 – Ameyayokocho + Ueno Zoo + Gundam

Day 6 – Sushi Bar + Pokemon Center + Yoshinoya

Its a lazy day on Day 6 for us we just want to chill for today and don't rush things much, we started our day late today at around 11am we ate brunch at a restaurant near our Airbnb and it that was my first authentic curry meal in japan it tasted so great! Random … Continue reading Day 6 – Sushi Bar + Pokemon Center + Yoshinoya

Teppanyaki Brothers

If you're in manila, Philippines and longing for an authentic Japanese Teppanyaki, Teppanyaki Brothers might satisfy your cravings, so what is Teppanyaki? it is a style of Japanese cuisine that cooks or uses iron griddle and in Teppanyaki Brothers they are cooking it in front of you and its fun to see and also a … Continue reading Teppanyaki Brothers

Grind & Co

We stumble upon another Burger shop here in Quezon City, my friends wants Burgers some wants Wings and i want a little Beer, This restaurant caters everything that we want! Grind & Co. serves its customers an affordable tasty and delicious Burgers, Wings and Nachos, this is not your typical Burger restaurant here in the … Continue reading Grind & Co