Fraiser Hotel

After a hustling 5 days of work you are now ready to take on the weekends have you considered staying in a nice hotel? the idea of staycations are new to me because i am always on a budget but after trying it once i would go for another on any weekend. We stayed on … Continue reading Fraiser Hotel


Cafe ilang ilang by The Manila Hotel

Food whats the first thing that comes to your mind? me Seafoods and steaks and all the ice creams i can eat, I've been to many Buffet restaurant here in Manila and they all serve so many kinds of food from different countries like Taiwan, Japan, U.S and Filipino Food and it is great and pretty … Continue reading Cafe ilang ilang by The Manila Hotel

Kumori Japanese Bakery & Cafe

What do you think about cheese? cheese are super flavorful, my kind of cheese is not too overwhelming on taste and a little bit of sweet. Kumori Japanese Bakery has been open for quite sometime here in Manila and this was the first time i tried their cheesecakes but hey they also have different kinds … Continue reading Kumori Japanese Bakery & Cafe

Hobing – Bingsu

Everybody loves dessert especially after eating, Hobing brings to us a korean style of ice-shaved dessert called "Bingsu"  or "Shaved Ice", there are lots of form of bingsu from Mango, Chocolate, Red bean, strawberry, Caramel and lots more. The earliest form of Bingsu from Korea only consist of  "Red Bean & Shaved ice" foreign influence … Continue reading Hobing – Bingsu