Blue Rocket Cafe + Kitchen

Where do you hangout for a couple shots of coffee? Eat with friends or drink beers with your buddies? all these in one place! Blue Rocket Cafe + Kitchen offers a wide variety of food from pasta to rice chicken meals, from veggies to meats. even if your a coffee drinker they have a place … Continue reading Blue Rocket Cafe + Kitchen


Puerto Galera

Summer is just around the corner and you are now planning on where to go, take off some stress from work and enjoy the holidays. We went ahead and planned a trip to Puerto Galera its not my first time visiting this island but its my 3rd time and it has a lot of changes … Continue reading Puerto Galera

Matgalne Restaurant (Samgyupsal)

Korean food is storming here in the philippines, left and right opening a restaurant even the food courts of malls has a cheap version of it. What is Samgyeopsal, it is basically a Korean meat dish that consist of thick pork strips and that is enjoyed with or without vegetables, it it is usually cooked … Continue reading Matgalne Restaurant (Samgyupsal)

Hobing – Bingsu

Everybody loves dessert especially after eating, Hobing brings to us a korean style of ice-shaved dessert called "Bingsu"  or "Shaved Ice", there are lots of form of bingsu from Mango, Chocolate, Red bean, strawberry, Caramel and lots more. The earliest form of Bingsu from Korea only consist of  "Red Bean & Shaved ice" foreign influence … Continue reading Hobing – Bingsu