Blue Rocket Cafe + Kitchen

Where do you hangout for a couple shots of coffee? Eat with friends or drink beers with your buddies? all these in one place! Blue Rocket Cafe + Kitchen offers a wide variety of food from pasta to rice chicken meals, from veggies to meats. even if your a coffee drinker they have a place … Continue reading Blue Rocket Cafe + Kitchen


Taipei Itinerary 6 Days and 5 Nights (Day 1)

This is gonna be my first out of the country vacation this 2018 and we decided to go to Taipei, Taiwan and its my 2nd time visiting this country had a great one on my first visit, creating the blog for taiwan makes me want to go back again, i am literally missing the smell … Continue reading Taipei Itinerary 6 Days and 5 Nights (Day 1)

DAY 3 – Tokyo Station + Takeshita Street + Seafood Izakaya

Tokyo Station has alot to offer not just the public transportation but it is also a shopping center, at around 11am we went out and made our 1st Adventure at Tokyo Station. I've heard that Tokyo Station has a underground mall (Yaesu Shopping Mall) is built within Tokyo Station and i think thats really really cool, … Continue reading DAY 3 – Tokyo Station + Takeshita Street + Seafood Izakaya

Grind & Co

We stumble upon another Burger shop here in Quezon City, my friends wants Burgers some wants Wings and i want a little Beer, This restaurant caters everything that we want! Grind & Co. serves its customers an affordable tasty and delicious Burgers, Wings and Nachos, this is not your typical Burger restaurant here in the … Continue reading Grind & Co

Hot Star – Large Fried Chicken

Everyone loves chicken especially me there are different kinds of chicken across the world and there's a really really popular chicken restaurant in Asia specifically in Taiwan that is the Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, i know you heard this restaurant way  way months ago. I first saw this in Hong Kong and my first … Continue reading Hot Star – Large Fried Chicken

David’s Tea house – HotPot

David's Tea house is known for their very delicious and affordable chinese cuisine but not everyone knows that they offer Shabu Shabu or (Hotpot) and its very exquisite. A lot of places have been offering this kind of food, shabu shabu or Hotpot is know for its healthy / Delicious soup and healthy foods like … Continue reading David’s Tea house – HotPot