The Coffee Project

Coffee is essential to a lot of people but what about an ambiance of a coffee shop, i love to drink good coffee with a good ambiance and a bit lightly dimmed area how about you? Looking for a nice place to stay do my work and all without too much people, i stumble upon … Continue reading The Coffee Project


DAY 3 – Tokyo Station + Takeshita Street + Seafood Izakaya

Tokyo Station has alot to offer not just the public transportation but it is also a shopping center, at around 11am we went out and made our 1st Adventure at Tokyo Station. I've heard that Tokyo Station has a underground mall (Yaesu Shopping Mall) is built within Tokyo Station and i think thats really really cool, … Continue reading DAY 3 – Tokyo Station + Takeshita Street + Seafood Izakaya

Grind & Co

We stumble upon another Burger shop here in Quezon City, my friends wants Burgers some wants Wings and i want a little Beer, This restaurant caters everything that we want! Grind & Co. serves its customers an affordable tasty and delicious Burgers, Wings and Nachos, this is not your typical Burger restaurant here in the … Continue reading Grind & Co

Hot Star – Large Fried Chicken

Everyone loves chicken especially me there are different kinds of chicken across the world and there's a really really popular chicken restaurant in Asia specifically in Taiwan that is the Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, i know you heard this restaurant way  way months ago. I first saw this in Hong Kong and my first … Continue reading Hot Star – Large Fried Chicken

David’s Tea house – HotPot

David's Tea house is known for their very delicious and affordable chinese cuisine but not everyone knows that they offer Shabu Shabu or (Hotpot) and its very exquisite. A lot of places have been offering this kind of food, shabu shabu or Hotpot is know for its healthy / Delicious soup and healthy foods like … Continue reading David’s Tea house – HotPot

Shiok Shiok Singaporean Restaurant

A weekend of journey finding different kinds of food to eat we stumble upon a unique restaurant in Quezon City Banawe " Shiok Shiok" a Singaporean Restaurant that caters its local Singaporean foods to us in Manila. I must say the ambiance and their props on this restaurant is very straight forward, when you enter … Continue reading Shiok Shiok Singaporean Restaurant