Day 2: Nami Island + Petite France

NAMI ISLAND + Petite France
We booked ahead of Nami island trip using Seoul Pass
if you book in seoul pass they will be fetching you on different places listed on the app for us in Myeongdong we were picked up by a BUS near EXIT 2 of train station, you wont miss it because there are a lot of people waiting.

Bus to Nami Island: it will take you 1 hour and 20 minutes to get there by land
then you will ride a 5min Boat. Make sure you have your little meals ready.

After Bus ride you will need to walk a little to go to the boat ride.

Its Snowing! Our tour guide giving us tips and what time to come back for regroup.20161223_10132820161223_101459

Gate to Ferry
Boarding the Ferry

Gate of Nami Island!

On winter season they make this fire place for you to rest and warm up.
If you got hungry there are some restaurants and little stores that sells (Coffee, Fish cakes… etc) i suggest you bring your own food as the restaurants will be crowded with people when lunch time arrives.

What i can say is that the trip to Nami Island is Excellent! its a different experience
and i must say its worth to come and visit Nami Island. we spent roughly 3 hrs in this island, that’s fairly enough to take photo’s eat and appreciate the place.

Petite France
From Nami Island it will take you 20min to get to Petite France by BUS (Our Tour)

Petite France is a colorful place, when we arrive here it feels like a different place it doesn’t look like Korea at all and its beautiful. Here we go!

20161223_14290420161223_14290720161223_14445820161223_14512520161223_14351620161223_151044Overall Petite France is a wonderful place you will be mesmerize with the architecture and colorful houses, we spent an hour here before going back to Seoul.

Our Dinner for this night, we ate at Yoogane Chicken galbi located in Myeongdong

Next = Day 3 – Everland

Back = Day 1 – Myeongdong + Namdaemun


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