Cat and Dog Cafe in Manila

Cat and Dog Cafe in Quezon City near Gateway Mall is a slice of heaven for Dog and Cat lovers in Manila, i tried to visit their place 1 weekend to see.

How to get here:
LRT 2 Cubao (Gateway Station)
Walk towards going to Manhattan Park View, they are located below.
Shops Near the Cafe are:
– Save More
– Kia Theatre

They have lovely Big Dogs (Husky and St. Bernard…and more) and Small ones too, you can interact with Cats too just don’t wake them when they are sleeping.

Here we are on
Wolf & Bear Dog Cafe | Bengal Brew Cat Cafe
Their facilities are in 1 vicinity you may choose to visit cats only for Php 199 for 1 Hour (with Drinks of your choice) or you may choose to visit both Cat and Dogs for only Php 299 for 1 Hour (with Drinks of your choice).

Menu of your choice, as said above you need to initially buy the *Cover Charge Drink your Choice of Php 199 – (cats only) 1hr | Php 299 – (Dog and Cats) 1 hr | Php 399 – (Dogs and Cats) 2 hrs.

The Cat Cafe: Bengal Brew
Here all cats move freely on their own making the experience spontaneous and fun.

This one sleeps inside the counter, very wise! so that no one will disturb.78

African Serval Cat9

Cats playing10

The Dog Cafe: Wolf & Bear Dog Cafe
Big Dogs are seperated with small dogs, you can relax on their 2nd floor and Dine-in

We stayed for 1hour only and i think thats not enough to enjoy everything , i suggest you take the 2 hours for a better experience.


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