The Boracay Experience

This is my first time going to boracay, i always hear stories on how great the place and how lively it is and after a long time… here we are on an adventure. here are my collections of photos on my trip to the island of boracay hopefully this will make your trip easier and fun. Here we go…

IMG_20160722_050017we arrived at Cebu Pacific domestic airport at around 4am in the morning.

Bfastwe had our breakfast here at the airport.

airplaneFlight from Manila to Katiklan will only take = 55min to 1 hour.
Flight from Manila to Kalibo will only take = 1 hour to 1 hour and 25 minutes.

shuttleWe arrived at katiklan at around 8am in the morning.

Next thing you need to do is to find a ride from katiklan airport to jettyport, you can ride a tricycle that will cost you Php 75

Jetty Port on the way to boracay

But we availed the shuttle service of our hotel its a bit pricey but its a package of (Shuttle From Airport to Jetty Port | Jetty Port to our Hotel)

arriving at boracay…. you may choose to ride a tricycle (Php 10 per person) or just walk and enjoy the scenery.

(if your hotel have a package that will fetch you upon arrival, i suggest you take it, it will be hassle free.





Boracay Jetty Port

We stayed at Two Seasons (Station 1) and i must say their hotel and facilities are great, they have a small swimming pool (if its too hot and sunny outside) and lounge area where you can sunbathe and relax (this is one of my favorite spots)


Hotel Beach Front
Entrance to Restaurant
Hotel Restaurant



And if your not going to swim rightaway you may want to check out D Mall


And there is this area of the mall where you can buy cheap Souvenirs. (Below is my favorite souvenirs of all time the magnets!)



There are alot of stores here to choose from when eating (Refer to the link below)
if you’re on a budget there’s a Ministop you heard that right Ministop! at (Station 2 and 3)

This is the cheapest ride you will have, riding a tricycle it will cost you 10pesos from Station 1 to Station 2 DMall from there you can walk.


We did a 3Days 2Nights stay here in boracay and there’s alot more places that we didn’t explore and i must say if you are doing more activity like Diving, ATV and more.. you will need to stay for 5 to a week here 🙂

And thats all! wishing you enjoy your trip as i have enjoyed mine. 🙂





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